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    Say goodbye to dry and frizzy split ends!

    HOIA Hair Ends Serum transforms your hair instantly, making it silkier, softer, and more vibrant.

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    HOIA has crafted this exquisite gift set especially for you to delight your teacher with a present that will warm their heart and add a sparkle to their eyes! This beautifully curated collection features four luxurious products designed to care for, moisturize, and nourish the skin, adding a touch of radiance to your teacher’s day.

    The set includes:

    • CHRISTMAS SPIRIT body scrub, with mood-lifting cinnamon and mandarin scent, 200ml
    • HERBAL BODY OIL, 30ml, which makes the skin soft and silky smooth,
    • SUPERSTAR restoring  hand cream with mandarin scent, 30ml,
    • Calendula LIP BALM.
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    HOIA home fragrance diffuser is a stylish design element that brings pleasant freshness and aromas to your home!

    The home fragrance diffuser  comes in a 100 ml black glass bottle, which includes 10 sticks.

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    The facial cleansing foam  is a new and effective way to cleanse and remove makeup from your skin daily.

    Made with organic Estonian juniper and sage water, the deep cleansing facial foam effectively removes dirt, makeup, and excess oil residue from the skin without drying it.

    Deep Cleansing Facial Foam is suitable for normal, oily, and problematic, as well as young skin.

  • 9,90 19,90 

    Organic peppermint water-based facial cleansing and shaving foam  gently removes dirt and excess oil residue from the skin without drying it. The foam is suitable for both shaving and facial cleansing.

    The facial foam is perfect for all skin types, including men and young skin.

  • 9,90 19,90 

    Organic rose water-based facial cleansing foam effectively removes dirt, makeup, and excess oil residue without drying your skin.

    Rose facial foam is suitable for normal and aging skin.

  • 16,90 

    100 ml

    Organically grown peppermint distilled spray for body and face, which cools and soothes the skin, helps alleviate inflammations, and keeps the mind alert.

  • 16,90 

    A superbly scented balancing spray, crafted from locally sourced sage, juniper, and peppermint plant extracts, brimming with potency, perfect for normal to oily skin.

    Use the spray for cleansing your facial skin, refreshing yourself, calming your senses, or spritzing onto bed linens.

    100 ml

  • 14,90 

    200 ml

    This citrusy and fresh Mojito-scented body scrub enhances all your bathing rituals even more enjoyable!

    Virgin Mojito brings you a pleasantly fresh combination of peppermint and lime – the body scrub helps stimulate circulation, cools the skin, aids in removing dead skin cells, and leaves the skin delightfully soft and silky.

  • 14,90 

    200 ml

    A wonderful body scrub with the delightful scent of strawberries and lemons, like a piece of summer – let’s enjoy it together!

    Strawberry Margarita body scrub brings you a pleasantly fresh, yet slightly sweet combination of lemon and strawberry – the scrub helps stimulate circulation, cools the skin, helps remove dead skin cells, and like all HOIA body scrubs, leaves the skin wonderfully soft and silky.

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    Here is our new gentle natural shampoo with deeply moisturizing aloe, wheat protein, Estonian nettle extract, and argan oil. The shampoo does not contain essential oils and is odorless, making it suitable for everyone.

    Our new natural shampoo nourishes and strengthens the hair while helping to prevent hair loss.

    Available in a 200 ml glass bottle as well as a 1-liter refill pack.

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    Experience the timeless beauty ritual with the HOIA Massage Set, featuring two elegant jadeite stone tools: the Jade Roller and the Gua Sha stone. These traditional tools of Chinese medicine are housed in a beautifully designed box with a magnetic closure, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

    Embrace the benefits of regular use, which include:

    • Enhancing blood circulation and oxygenating facial tissues
    • Stimulating cell renewal for youthful skin
    • Improving skin texture, elasticity, and complexion
    • Reducing wrinkles and preventing fine lines
    • Minimizing pores and enhancing overall skin health
    • Decreasing under-eye puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage
    • Relaxing facial muscles and boosting collagen production
    • Increasing the efficacy of your skincare products by improving absorption

    Discover the transformative effects of these ancient beauty tools and make them a staple in your skincare regimen.

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    Two-Phase Eye Makeup Remover helps remove even the most stubborn makeup without detergent. The gentle scent of cucumber and aloe distillates, along with skin-nourishing plant oils, are gentle on your skin and leave it soft after use. The product contains chamomile-rich essential oil distilled from domestic yarrow, which helps balance sebum production in the skin and has toning, soothing, and redness-reducing effects. Makeup remover is suitable for all skin types.

    How to use: Shake the bottle before use, then shake the liquid onto a makeup removal pad and gently remove all makeup. The product does not need to be washed off.

    50 ml

  • hoia-superstar-hand-cream

    Mandarin-scented fast-absorbing hand cream is rich in active ingredients, shea and monoi butter, plant phytosterols, niacinamide, seaweed, aloe, and the powerful multifunctional ingredient ectoin. The hand cream has a rejuvenating, strong skin-renewing, deeply moisturizing effect; it makes hands soft and silky smooth, effectively helps maintain and restore skin moisture balance.

    Read more to find out why we believe it’s the best hand cream in the world!

    30 ml

  • hoia-fruitfest

    The mask containing fruit acids helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, while simultaneously stimulating the production of new skin cells and collagen in the skin. The mask helps moisturize the skin, prevent the formation of pigmentation spots, alleviate acne, smooth out superficial wrinkles, make the skin more elastic, and give the complexion a fresh and radiant appearance.

    50 ml

  • hoia-beauty-shot

    Highly concentrated rejuvenating beauty elixir that makes the skin radiant, evens out the complexion, makes it more elastic and beautiful. Beauty Shot is rich in active ingredients: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin E, vitamin C, and plant-based vitamin A, which together provide a real boost to your facial skin.

    5 ml

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    Made from local yarrow and marigold, is quickly absorbed and rich in composition but does not leave the skin greasy. The foot cream contains nourishing shea butter, skin-softening seaweed, plant-derived phytosterols, and other innovative ingredients that effectively help relieve cracks, flakiness, dryness, and keep the skin of the feet in good condition and soft.
    In addition to local yarrow and marigold, we have added essential oils of rosemary and peppermint, which have a refreshing and circulation-stimulating effect on the feet.

    How to use :
    Apply a small amount to the feet and massage until absorbed. Suitable for use by men too!

    25 ml and 50 ml

  • 24,90 

    This is the traditional massage tool made of nephrite or jadeite stone from ancient Chinese medicine, the Gua Sha stone. Its regular use helps activate skin blood circulation and oxygenate tissues; stimulate skin cell renewal; improve skin texture, elasticity, and complexion; reduce and prevent expression lines and wrinkles; tighten pores and improve overall skin condition; reduce under-eye puffiness; increase collagen production; soothe and relax facial muscles. Using the massage stone after applying serum and creams helps them absorb better and work faster.

    The stone comes with an instruction and illustration on how to use it.

  • 14,90 

    The soothing lavender body scrub cleanses, tones, and upon application massages the skin, removes dead skin cells, and improves circulation, alleviates skin dryness, and moisturizes the skin. Rich in shea butter and coconut oil, which leave the skin soft and silky after use.

    200 ml

  • Escape to the paradise of HOIA and enjoy delightful aromatherapy every day!
    The HOIA home fragrance diffuser is a stylish design element that brings pleasant freshness and aromas to your home!
    The home fragrance diffuser comes in a 100 ml black glass bottle, accompanied by 10 sticks.

  • Escape to the paradise of HOIA and enjoy delightful aromatherapy every day!
    The HOIA home fragrance diffuser is a stylish design element that brings pleasant freshness and aromas to your home!
    The home fragrance comes in a 100 ml black glass bottle, accompanied by 10 sticks.

  • 24,90 

    Escape to the paradise of HOIA and enjoy delightful aromatherapy every day!
    The HOIA home fragrance diffuser is a stylish design element that brings pleasant freshness and aromas to your home!
    The home fragrance diffuser comes in a 100 ml black glass bottle, accompanied by 10 sticks.

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    A foamy face mask containing organic handmade raw chocolate provides your skin antioxidants and vitamins making your face feel refreshed and shiny. This nourishing treatment with strawberry, blackcurrant, and rosehip oils moisturizes the skin with essential fatty acids, leaving it silky smooth and soft. And what about the aroma of this mask!
    Get ready for a true chocolate lover’s delight!

    25 ml

  • A solid shampoo with strengthening, softening, and cleansing effects, rich in domestic nettle and nettle extract, oat protein, seawater extract, and nourishing plant oils. It foams nicely, makes hair soft and silky, is gentle on your scalp, and is suitable for use on all hair types.

    Use the shampoo like soap. Wet your hair and rub the shampoo onto your hair, then wash and rinse thoroughly. Keep in a dry place, placing it in the box only when the shampoo is completely dry.

    The solid shampoo is handmade with care and love. Available in a metal tin and without a box.


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    The eye serum contains highly effective innovative active substances, vitamins, caffeine, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol and herbs. This rich cocktail instantly smooths the under-eye area, fine lines, reduce dark circles, and keeps the eye area bright, moisturized and beautiful.

    10 ml

  • 39,90 

    Enriched with hyaluronic acid of three different molecular weights, this formulation binds moisture across the skin’s outer layers, ensuring a bright, plump, and moisturized complexion. It combats the initial signs of aging by smoothing fine wrinkles, enhancing skin elasticity and firmness, and refining skin texture and tone. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production, alleviates skin dryness, flakiness, inflammation, and acne. Free from fragrance, harsh preservatives, or essential oils, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin and It stands out for its non-sticky and fast absorbing formula.

    30 ml
  • 19,90 

    250 ml

    Intimate cleansing gel with a balanced PH cleans your intimate areas while being gentle on your skin.

    It contains locally sourced algae and chamomile extract, which help to soothe and moisturize the skin.

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    New skin smoothing Liposomal face cream with niacinamide, liposomal botox-like peptides and hyaluronic acid has amazing skin smoothing, firming and moisturizing properties. 

    100% natural and vegan!

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    HOIA women’s bathrobe /kimono is designed for a woman who appreciates boho style, who loves comfort, body-friendly material and timeless, multifunctional clothes. HOIA coat/kimonos are 100% linen material and sewn ready on our paradise island in Saaremaa. Read more below


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    Organic Conditioner contains lots on useful fatty acids that moisturize and nourish you hair. The hair conditior is enriched with rhamnoides extract which strengthens the hair and adds shine. Its rich complex of essential oils helps to stimulate hair growth and imporves blood circulation to the scalp.

    How to use:  Apply the conditioner to wet hair, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse off with water. You can also use the conditioner as a hair mask

  • 16,90 

    50 ml

    This face toner is a blend of organic cucumber and hibiscus hydrosols. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and other botanical phytosterols that are beneficial to your skin. Face toner is enriched with hyaluronic acid, aloe and wild algae from Saaremaa, which effectively hydrate all outer skin levels and soothe stressed and dry skin.

    This toner has anti-aging properties and helps to smooth out fine lines. It also improves skin elasticity, boost collagen production in skin and brighten up complexion.

  • 10,90 16,90 

    This juicy Watermelon Spray is rich in vitamin C, amino acids and lycopene, which have anti-aging properties, helps to promote cell regeneration and soothe sun-damaged and irritated skin

    Watermelon Spray is organic, suitable for vegans, sustainably sourced and preservative-free.

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    HOIA homespa gift card is the best gift for a person who appreciates clean and natural body care products. A gift card is a great gift, because the gift recipient can choose the products they like the best.

    It is possible to receive the gift card both virtually and packaged in a beautiful gift box. You can choose a gift card worth € 25, € 50, € 75 and € 100.