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    HOIA has crafted this exquisite gift set especially for you to delight your teacher with a present that will warm their heart and add a sparkle to their eyes! This beautifully curated collection features four luxurious products designed to care for, moisturize, and nourish the skin, adding a touch of radiance to your teacher’s day.

    The set includes:

    • CHRISTMAS SPIRIT body scrub, with mood-lifting cinnamon and mandarin scent, 200ml
    • HERBAL BODY OIL, 30ml, which makes the skin soft and silky smooth,
    • SUPERSTAR restoring  hand cream with mandarin scent, 30ml,
    • Calendula LIP BALM.
  • HOIA Ultimate Experience Gift Box -30% Off
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    Experience the HOIA Ultimate Experience Gift Box, your route to luxury with 13 outstanding HOIA products.

    This gift box is packed with our most popular items, each chosen to pamper you from head to toe.

    Just open your HOIA Beauty Chest and start enjoying!

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    Experience the timeless beauty ritual with the HOIA Massage Set, featuring two elegant jadeite stone tools: the Jade Roller and the Gua Sha stone. These traditional tools of Chinese medicine are housed in a beautifully designed box with a magnetic closure, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

    Embrace the benefits of regular use, which include:

    • Enhancing blood circulation and oxygenating facial tissues
    • Stimulating cell renewal for youthful skin
    • Improving skin texture, elasticity, and complexion
    • Reducing wrinkles and preventing fine lines
    • Minimizing pores and enhancing overall skin health
    • Decreasing under-eye puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage
    • Relaxing facial muscles and boosting collagen production
    • Increasing the efficacy of your skincare products by improving absorption

    Discover the transformative effects of these ancient beauty tools and make them a staple in your skincare regimen.

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    Discover the TRAVEL ESSENTIALS set, featuring three revitalizing products perfect for maintaining your grooming routine on the go. This set includes Organic Shampoo, Organic Hair Balm, and Organic Shower Gel, each specially formulated to keep your hair and body refreshed and nourished.

    What’s included:

    • Organic Shampoo: Cleanses and hydrates your hair, perfect for daily freshness.
    • Organic Hair Balm: Conditions and adds a healthy shine, making styling easier.
    • Organic Shower Gel: Energizes and moisturizes your skin, leaving it clean and soft with a pleasant feel.

    Packaged in practical 50 ml bottles, these essentials are ideal for carrying to the gym, spa, or while traveling. Designed to suit both men and women, these versatile products ensure you look and feel great wherever you are.

    Please note: This set is conveniently packaged without a HOIA gift box.

  • GLAM set

    Introducing the GLAM Set, your ultimate trio for skin that shines at every party. This dazzling collection includes:

    • Glow Scrub Überblingen (200 ml): Exfoliate your way to radiant skin with this luxurious scrub.
    • Body Cocktail Body Glam (50 ml): Illuminate your skin with a glamorous shimmer.
    • Sparkling Lip Balm (4.5 ml): Add a sparkle to your smile with this radiant lip balm.

    All products feature eco-friendly glitter particles derived from minerals, ensuring you shine without harming the environment. Packaged in a chic HOIA gift box, this set is perfect for gifting or giving yourself a glamorous treat.

    Discover more about each product below and get ready to glow!

  • hair kit

    Experience the ultimate hair care trio with the HOIA Hair Set, designed to nourish your scalp, enhance shine, and stimulate hair growth. This essential collection includes:

    • Organic Shampoo with Lemongrass (200 ml): Cleanses and refreshes your scalp with invigorating lemongrass.
    • Organic Hair Balm Rapunzel (200 ml): Deeply conditions and promotes stronger, healthier hair growth.
    • Organic Hair Serum (50 ml): Targets the roots to rejuvenate your scalp and boost hair vitality.

    Beautifully packaged in a HOIA gift box, this set is perfect for anyone seeking to elevate their hair care routine.

  • Men's Gift Set -10% Off
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    Discover the HOIA Men’s Gift Set, designed specifically with men in mind. This collection features three top-used products:

    • HOIA Natural Shower Gel (200 ml): Cleanses and refreshes with a gentle formula suitable for all skin types.
    • Shaving Foam (60 ml): Provides a smooth, close shave with its rich, creamy texture.
    • Lemongrass Shampoo (200 ml): Invigorates the scalp while strengthening hair with its refreshing lemongrass scent.

    Elegantly packaged in a stylish gift box, this set makes a thoughtful and practical gift for men of any age, perfect for any occasion.

  • Magic Ritual gift set
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    Discover your perfect beauty ritual with the HOIA Magic Ritual gift box, featuring a comprehensive collection of facial serums, oils, and an elixir! This expertly handpicket set allows you to explore and experience all six HOIA facial treatments in one go.

    Embrace the opportunity to refine your beauty regimen. Dive into the details of each product below and embark on a journey to radiant, well-cared-for skin!

  • Delicate Facial Skin Set -10% Off
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    Experience gentle and effective care with the Delicate Facial Skin Set from HOIA, tailored specifically for those with sensitive and irritated skin. This comprehensive set includes five exceptional HOIA products, each crafted from 100% natural ingredients to integrate effortlessly into your daily skincare regimen. The set also features thoughtful additions—a mask bowl and a face towel—to enrich your skincare routine and provide a spa-like experience at home. Discover the soothing benefits of this specially designed collection and give your skin the tender care it deserves.
    Explore the features of each product below and begin your journey towards beautifully radiant and well-nourished skin!

  • Gift Set "Bling It On!"

    The “Bling It On!” gift box is designed for the ultimate sparkle goddesses whose party essentials must include high-quality shimmering body care! Inside this box, you’ll discover 6 products from the HOIA Hypnosis birthday collection. Each product not only leaves your skin beautifully sparkling but also nourishes it with natural plant oils and butters, transforming your skin into silk-smooth luxury. You can gift these dazzling items individually to friends or keep them all for yourself! Of course, you could also give this entire gift box, loaded with all its sparkling wonders, to your most glamorous friend, sister, or even the best person in the world—you!

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  • HOIA Problematic Skin Set

    Discover the secret to healthier skin with the HOIA Problematic Skin Set, designed specifically for individuals dealing with acne, redness, flakiness, excessive oiliness, and shine. This comprehensive kit includes five targeted products to effectively address these issues, offering visible improvements within just a few weeks.

    Continue reading below to explore detailed information about each product and learn how to incorporate them into your skincare routine for optimal results.

  • Baby-Mom Set

    The Baby-Mom Set is a delightful gift for both mother and child, offering pampering treats for both. This set includes 100% natural Baby Foam, anti-inflammatory Monoï Butter for skin hydration, Deep Moisturizing Lip Balm, and Sassy Citrus Body Scrub. All are beautifully packaged in an attractive gift box, making it the perfect present for nurturing and spoiling both mom and baby.