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HOIAME TOGETHER is the call of the Saaremaa natural cosmetics brand HOIA homespa for a sustainable lifestyle. It is our great desire to work towards even better and more environmentally friendly solutions on a daily basis, to use as much reusable packaging as possible for the packaging of our products and to promote the idea of ​​a circular economy and sustainable consumption. You too can contribute so that almost every package gets a new life and does not end up after a single use in a rubbish bin.

How can you bet?
When you and your girlfriends HOIA products run out, wash them clean and send them to us! We disinfect them and check that the packaging is suitable for refilling and fill the packaging with a new and fresh product. As a result of this whole process, we reduce the amount of waste generated together. For our part, we offer you credit for shopping at HOIA shop

At the moment we can take back about 70% of the product packaging. Unfortunately, we cannot refill glass bottles with oil inside, because we cannot clean them efficiently enough to refill, but you can find ideas for using these packages below!

You can send it back to us:

♥ Body scrub and foam cups

♥ Jar of face mask cocktails and exfoliators

♥ Aftershave- Face Foam and Face Cream Jars

♥ Lip peel jars

♥ Bottles of Shampoos, Conditioners and Shower Gels

♥ Hand spray bottles

♥ Organic spray bottles

♥ Aloe gel cups

♥ Bodyglam, Facial Toner, Hand Serum Packs

♥ Nail oil glass roller

♥ Shaving foam tops

♥ Advent Calendar Blanks – Write down your name and email address if you want it filled out this year!

You can send the empty packages back to Saaremaa, to a parcel machine in Kuressaare at 508 1665 or bring them to the Kuressaare Saaremaa Art Studio at Lossi 5. Enter your name and email address and we will send you a gift card worth = clean HOIA packages x 0.5 €, which you can use later in HOIA shop! Surely you also have friends and family members who don’t bother to arrange the return, pick up their packaging and send it back to us, so you can get more credit for ordering nice sweets again!

In addition to product packaging, we also give new life to our packaging material. We use recycled materials, cardboard boxes, wood wool and Ultrafill pellets, which are made on the basis of starch and are therefore compostable.

We are also working hard to ensure that all our product packaging is 100% reused in the future!


What about packaging that we can’t refill?

We now have lip balms all in cardboard packaging, as well as deodorants. It’s easy with them, take the sticker off and throw it in the oven or throw away the compost.

Bottles of oils and serums
Wash them clean with dishwashing detergent and a bottle brush and use them as small flower vases, for example, 10ml bottles are suitable for lamps or vases in dollhouses. Our family made 10 ml bottles of Christmas lights by placing one bottle around each light. Let your mind fly, search and google and share your ideas with us! You can also find out if the kindergarten or any hobby group does not want to use them for crafting. However, if you decide to throw them away, remove the cap and throw the glass bottle into the glass container and the stopper into the packaging container.

Send us your cool recycling ideas too!


Thank you for keeping nature with us and reusing it!💚