Personal Hygiene

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    50 ml

    The updated formula of the creamy deodorant with Saaremaa herbs contains clay and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture, along with natural active ingredients that effectively prevent the formation of unpleasant body odor.

    The deodorant includes:

    • Coconut oil with antibacterial properties
    • Cocoa butter and beeswax to nourish, protect, and moisturize the skin
    • Essential oils to inhibit bacterial growth and keep you feeling fresh

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  • A solid shampoo with strengthening, softening, and cleansing effects, rich in domestic nettle and nettle extract, oat protein, seawater extract, and nourishing plant oils. It foams nicely, makes hair soft and silky, is gentle on your scalp, and is suitable for use on all hair types.

    Use the shampoo like soap. Wet your hair and rub the shampoo onto your hair, then wash and rinse thoroughly. Keep in a dry place, placing it in the box only when the shampoo is completely dry.

    The solid shampoo is handmade with care and love. Available in a metal tin and without a box.


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    250 ml

    Intimate cleansing gel with a balanced PH cleans your intimate areas while being gentle on your skin.

    It contains locally sourced algae and chamomile extract, which help to soothe and moisturize the skin.

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    HOIA Shower Gel turns your washing ritual into an exciting experience! The natural shower gel gently cleanses and cares for your skin and leaves it pleasantly moisturized after washing. Shower gel has a fresh aroma and is suitable for everyday use by both men and women.

    Shower gel is available in a 200 ml black glass bottle and can also be ordered in a 1 liter refill package.