Hands & Feet

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    The mild-scented hand balm contains a rich blend of plant-based fats and oils that moisturize and nourish the skin with essential fatty acids, leaving hands soft and silky. The hand balm includes shea butter, which also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps keep your skin healthy and nourished. Lavender, lime, and jasmine essential oils are added to the hand balm, giving it a pleasant mild scent.

    50 ml

  • hoia-superstar-hand-cream

    Mandarin-scented fast-absorbing hand cream is rich in active ingredients, shea and monoi butter, plant phytosterols, niacinamide, seaweed, aloe, and the powerful multifunctional ingredient ectoin. The hand cream has a rejuvenating, strong skin-renewing, deeply moisturizing effect; it makes hands soft and silky smooth, effectively helps maintain and restore skin moisture balance.

    Read more to find out why we believe it’s the best hand cream in the world!

    30 ml

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    Made from local yarrow and marigold, is quickly absorbed and rich in composition but does not leave the skin greasy. The foot cream contains nourishing shea butter, skin-softening seaweed, plant-derived phytosterols, and other innovative ingredients that effectively help relieve cracks, flakiness, dryness, and keep the skin of the feet in good condition and soft.
    In addition to local yarrow and marigold, we have added essential oils of rosemary and peppermint, which have a refreshing and circulation-stimulating effect on the feet.

    How to use :
    Apply a small amount to the feet and massage until absorbed. Suitable for use by men too!

    25 ml and 50 ml

  • HOIA Turgutav Jalavannisool

    A little tangerine, a little wintergreen, a jolt of magnesium, some eucalyptus, some honey and moisturizing aloe, and plenty of Himalayan salt and your feet are popped up after a long day at work! All the best and best foot bath salt offers an invigorating boost to your feet and a pleasant aromatherapy for your senses. Aloe and honey make the legs so pleasantly soft, and magnesium helps the muscles relax.

    The product is packaged in a 250 ml bottle.

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    Quickly absorbed in a comfortable bottle with a roller, HOIA Restorative Nail Oil contains an extraordinary variety of fatty acids that moisturize and nourish your nails and cuticles. The rich complex of essential oils contained in nail oil provides the necessary care for your nails. The oil promotes the growth of nails, makes them stronger and more elastic, and helps to keep nails healthy and beautiful. Read more below

    15 ml

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    50 ml

    The anti-aging Hand Serum has a gel-like texture and is quickly absorbed and leaves your hands pleasantly soft and moisturized. Hand serum is made on the basis of tea tree hydrosol with cleansing properties, which, among other things, helps to keep nails healthy and beautiful.

    The hand serum has a mild scent.

    Read more below.

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    This foot scrub contains 3 natural exfoliating agents, which are all in di erent sizes: sugar, Himalayan salt and pumice powder. This combination efectively removes dead skin cells and improves your circulation through micro-massage while scrubbing. Foot scrub is rich unrefined shea butter and coconut oil, which leave your feet soft and silky smooth.

    75 ml

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