Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

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Experience the timeless beauty ritual with the HOIA Massage Set, featuring two elegant jadeite stone tools: the Jade Roller and the Gua Sha stone. These traditional tools of Chinese medicine are housed in a beautifully designed box with a magnetic closure, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Embrace the benefits of regular use, which include:

  • Enhancing blood circulation and oxygenating facial tissues
  • Stimulating cell renewal for youthful skin
  • Improving skin texture, elasticity, and complexion
  • Reducing wrinkles and preventing fine lines
  • Minimizing pores and enhancing overall skin health
  • Decreasing under-eye puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage
  • Relaxing facial muscles and boosting collagen production
  • Increasing the efficacy of your skincare products by improving absorption

Discover the transformative effects of these ancient beauty tools and make them a staple in your skincare regimen.

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HOIA Massage Set includes two massage tools made of jadeite stone:

  1. Natural jadeite or nephrite formation Roller, also known as Jade Roller
  2. Traditional massage tool of Chinese medicine, Gua Sha stone.

Until November 6th, with the set, you will receive a 5 ml mini oil as a gift, you can choose from the following oils:

  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Sundrop Super Serum
  • Anti-aging Facial Serum
  • Repair Serum

Write your oil preference in the additional information of your order!

The set comes in a beautiful magnetic closing box – a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you cherish!

Regular use of massage tools made of jadeite or nephrite stone is considered a must-have beauty ritual nowadays, which is very effective, affordable, and offers you the opportunity to take time out to care for your skin.

Regular use of the roller and Gua Sha helps to:

  • Activate skin blood circulation and oxygenate tissues;
  • Stimulate skin cell renewal;
  • Improve skin texture, elasticity, and complexion;
  • Reduce and prevent expression lines and wrinkles;
  • Minimize pores and improve overall skin condition;
  • Reduce under-eye puffiness – massage helps improve lymphatic circulation, which in turn helps to eliminate water and waste;
  • Soothe and relax facial muscles;
  • Increase collagen production in the skin;
  • Improve the absorption of oils, serums, and creams.

How to use the Gua Sha stone?

  1. Before first use, clean the Gua Sha stone with a gentle and neutral soap and rinse with water, do not use chemical or abrasive agents for cleaning. Dry with a clean and soft cloth.
  2. Before using the Gua Sha stone, apply oil or cream to the skin, this helps the stone glide better and reduces skin friction.
  3. Massage the face following the natural contours of the skin and using different sides and edges of the stone.
  4. Always follow by massaging the face from the center towards the hairline.
  5. The Gua Sha stone usually has sides of different shapes, try different edges and discover the most effective techniques for you and the edges of the stone for each area.
  6. After use, clean the Gua Sha stone again with soap and water and keep it in the box or in the refrigerator.
  7. If you are a first-time user of the Gua Sha stone, start cautiously and do not apply too much pressure to the stone. The stone should not leave painful marks or redness on your skin.
  8. You can use the stone as often as you like, but remember that regular use (3-4 times a week) ensures the most effective massage.
  9. The Gua Sha stone is naturally cool, and if you place it in the refrigerator for a while, you can also use the cool stone to reduce under-eye puffiness – for this, place the cool stone under the eyes for a while.

How to use the Jade Roller?

  1. Clean the roller and apply your favorite serum or oil to the skin – using the roller helps, among other things, to make facial care products absorb more effectively.
  2. Use the larger part of the roller for massaging the forehead, cheeks, and jawline, and the smaller part for massaging the eye area and nose.
  3. Roll each area 8-10 times and follow the natural contours of the face, always roll from the bottom up.
  4. Roll outward from the center of the face, from the jawline and cheeks upward.
  5. As the final step of facial massage, roll along the edges of the face downward.
  6. Use the rolling strength that suits you and remember that rolling should not cause pain or leave painful marks and redness on the skin.
  7. To cleanse the lymphatic system, roll the skin from the center of the face towards the hairline.
  8. You can keep the roller in the refrigerator, using the roller with a cool stone as a bonus also helps reduce under-eye puffiness and soothe the skin.

Use it in the morning and/or evening – find the beauty ritual that suits you best by combining massage with your favorite oils, creams, and serums.

The set is suitable for all skin types.