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Escape to the paradise of HOIA and enjoy delightful aromatherapy every day!
The HOIA home fragrance diffuser is a stylish design element that brings pleasant freshness and aromas to your home!
The home fragrance diffuser comes in a 100 ml black glass bottle, accompanied by 10 sticks.


The HOIA home fragrance diffuser fulfills a dream and helps us bring even better aromatherapy to you!

With its floral and slightly sweeter scent, the Bali Spa Home Fragrance Diffuser is a stylish design element that lifts the mood and improves spirits. It’s so delightful to come home when your favorite aroma greets you at the door!

The HOIA home fragrance comes in a 100 ml glass package, accompanied by 10 sticks.

How to use:

Remove the cap from the bottle and place the sticks inside. More sticks mean more fragrance – use fewer sticks in a smaller space and more in a larger one.

The liquid will seep into the sticks, and the scent will begin to release within 24 hours. If the sticks are not completely moistened after a day, turn them over!

The home fragrance should be placed where the air circulates, as this ensures better diffusion of the scent in the room.

Turn the sticks a few times a week to ensure a more even and stronger aroma.

PS! If you need a refill bottle for your existing home fragrance, select the refill option; we offer 250ml and 1L refill bottles.


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