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HOIA customer stories about Baby cream

As Estonians are naturally cautious and seek assurance that products deliver on their promises, we’re delighted to share feedback from customers who have experienced the benefits firsthand. These testimonials were gathered through Facebook after our HOIA Skin Problems Campaign, during which we provided products for free testing to individuals facing various skin issues. This feedback is particularly relevant to our Natural Whipped Body Butter with Coconut and Baby Cream, renowned for effectively addressing a wide range of skin concerns.

KADRI: “I used two HOIA products concurrently: the HOIA Body Scrub and Natural Whipped Body Butter with Coconut. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Due to psoriasis, I had always avoided body scrubs, fearing they would irritate my skin. However, with the HOIA Body Scrub, I experienced the opposite effect – my skin felt deeply moisturized, and my psoriasis appeared less inflamed and red. Plus, the scrub is so hydrating that I no longer need a separate body lotion afterward. The aroma is wonderful too! The Whipped Body Butter feels like a mini spa session with aromatherapy in the shower. It’s perfect for dry areas like elbows and knees. There’s no greasy residue left behind, just soft, hydrated skin. Overall, I’m delighted with these products and would encourage anyone with skin issues to try HOIA products!”

KRISTA: “The Baby Cream was fantastic for my little one, who suffers from dermatitis. Its natural composition made it the perfect choice for soothing her irritated skin. The foam effectively moisturized the dry patches caused by dermatitis and helped reduce the rash. The cream has a pleasant, subtle scent that isn’t overpowering for the child. The consistency is just right – not too greasy or liquid, but rather creamy and pleasant. It absorbs quickly, which is ideal for a fidgety baby. I highly recommend this cream to others!”

RIINA: “I’ve been using HOIA Whipped Body Butter with Coconut to soothe and moisturize my one-year-old’s cheek allergies. As someone who also suffers from psoriasis, I decided to try it on my elbows, and I was pleasantly surprised. My elbows looked much better after just one use. I’m excited to try more HOIA products. The Coconut Body Butter heals the skin and immediately improves its appearance. Thank you for such a fantastic product!”

KRISTEL: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to try the wonderful Baby Cream. The formula is pleasant and gentle on the skin, leaving no strong scent upon application. My baby’s atopic skin feels much softer and less itchy thanks to this cream. After application, the skin isn’t greasy but rather smooth and soft. I’ve even tried it on my face, and my dry, demanding skin hasn’t looked this good in ages. Baby Cream is now our number one favorite, and we can’t wait to try other products. Thank you!”

HELEN: “My 1.7-year-old son has dermatitis, and during the summer, it flared up badly. He couldn’t sleep due to the itching, and nothing seemed to help. The doctor prescribed a steroid cream and suggested stronger medication if it didn’t improve. Even oral drops were recommended. Despite trying everything, his condition didn’t improve. Then, I discovered HOIA Baby Cream and decided to give it a try. It’s been a game-changer! His skin is now beautiful and smooth, and he can finally sleep peacefully.”

HÄLI: “HOIA Baby Cream is amazing! It provides immediate relief for my son’s irritated skin. I’m especially impressed by how quickly it healed the sensitive areas behind his ears and under his armpits. We’re now trying it in other delicate areas, and I’m hopeful for the same positive results. As a mom, seeing my baby’s skin improve brings me immense joy!”

KERSTI: “My 1.7-year-old has dermatitis, and while the summer months offer relief, the condition worsens in autumn and winter, leading to redness and itching. We’ve used HOIA coconut baby cream a few times, and it has definitely helped alleviate the situation. I’m eager to explore more HOIA products!”

ANDRUS: “I can’t praise the Whipped Body Butter with Coconut enough – even my dog loves it! She gets excited whenever she hears the can being opened. She even joins us in the sauna, where she enjoys licking the HOIA Body Scrub off my shins.”

As Estonians are already such distrustful and always want to make sure that the product is good and fulfils its purpose, we bring you feedback from customers who have been struggling with various skin problems. These people’s stories reached us via Facebook after the HOIA skin problems call, in which we sent products for free testing to people struggling with skin problems, and that’s why feedback is central to coconut body foam and baby foam, as these products are best for relieving a wide variety of skin problems!

KADRI: “I used two HOIA products in parallel: HOIA body scrub and Coconut body foam. I must say that I am very positively surprised because, due to psoriasis, I have always stayed away from all kinds of body scrubs, because I thought that they are definitely very irritating, but in this case I have noticed just the opposite effect when trying the HOIA body scrub – after use, the skin is very moisturized and also psoriasis seems much more beautiful, less inflamed and reddened. Best of all, after washing, you no longer need a separate body lotion, because there are so many different oils in the body scrub itself, which, by the way, also smell wonderful. A small mini SPA with aromatherapy at home shower Coconut body foam is good to use on very dry areas, which for me are elbows and knees, there is no sticky or greasy layer left on the skin, but everything is absorbed immediately. On days when I didn’t use a body scrub, it was just nice to moisturize my whole body with coconut foam, it takes a little at once and my skin is soft all day long. In short, I will continue to use these products and I would advise everyone with skin problems to safely experiment with HOIA products, because I really don’t have to be disappointed!”

KRISTA: “Baby foam was great for my baby. Since she suffers from dermatitis, natural Baby foam was the best choice in terms of good irrigation properties. This foam moistened dry places caused by dermatitis very well and helped reduce the rash. As soon as I opened the lid, I could smell good, but not too cranky. It also didn’t seem to be too much for the child. When applied, the consistency of the cream was pleasant, not too greasy or too liquid, rather melting and pleasant foam. It was also absorbed quite quickly, which is very good for a sipping baby. I recommend the cream to others too!”

RIINA: “I have used HOIA Coconut Foam to relieve/moisturize allergies on the cheeks of my one-year-old child. Since I myself suffer from psoriasis, I have applied excess foam on my arms. Since I hadn’t smeared the drug on hearths for a while, I thought about doing it and discovered that my elbows were much more beautiful than the last time. I was so excited to try out more products. Using coconut foam, the skin is healed and immediately looks more beautiful. Thank you for such a good product. ” ​

KRISTEL: “Thank you for giving you the opportunity to try the wonderful Baby Foam. The composition of baby foam is so pleasant and very pleasant when applied that there is no specific smell on the skin when applied. The little man’s atopic skin is much softer and does not itch thanks to the cream. The skin does not remain greasy after creaming, but is so nicely smooth and soft. And I have to admit that it is also a great facial. My dry and demanding facial skin hasn’t been in such good shape in a long time. Baby watch is our favorite number one and can’t wait to try other products. Good luck and thank you.”

Helen: “My 1.7-year-old son has dermatitis. In the summer, he kicked out and the poor thing couldn’t sleep at all. It was hot and dry, and he was just scratching himself. The doctor prescribed a hormone tray and suggested that he could write an even stronger acting if it didn’t help. Plus oral drops. I made sheds, but it still didn’t help. The allergist also agreed with the pediatrician about medication. Then I saw the ad for Hold Baby Foam and tried. A really great product and I applaud the sky! The skin is beautiful and smooth, the baby can sleep beautifully.”

HÄLI: “Hey, this HOIA Baby Watch is amazing! My boy’s skin gets immediate relief when we use it and which I’m most pleased about is that his skin gaps behind his ear, under his armpit and in other sensitive places that he’s been completely normal with since he was little and that we’ve been trying to treat healed within days. Proovime​ ​seda​ ​nüüd​ ​kõige​ ​õrnematel kohtadel​ ​ka​ ​ja​ ​loodame,​ ​et​ ​sama​ ​hea​ ​tulemus.​ ​Igatahes​ ​emme​ ​süda​ ​rahul​ ​ja​ ​lapsel​ ​mõnus olla​!” ​

KERSTI: “Hello! My 1.7 year-old baby has dermatitis skin. Like most people who suffer from it, the sun and summer air work wonders with the baby’s skin, but in the autumn winter we are already quite struggling with it because it reddens and itches. We have already bought and used HOIA coconut cream a couple of times, this has definitely alleviated the situation, which is why I am very open-minded about your products!”

ANDRUS: “I very much praise the body foam of Mad Coconut, the dog praises it too. Now, if you hear the can lid twisting, it’s on! Since she also goes to the sauna with us, she also appreciates HOIA body scrubs, which is good to lick off my shins.”