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Baby skin care and a challenge for mothers

Everyone knows that the skin of babies is delicate and is only getting used to coping in a new environment. Babies spend the first nine months of their development in an aquatic environment where they are practically not exposed to anything new. As soon as they are born, the skin, as the largest organ of a person, must cope with the air-environment, where various bacteria and microbes spread, where the temperature and humidity change. The child will also wear clothes that contain various substances – completely new clothes are often treated with many chemicals that can irritate the baby’s skin; and already washed-out clothes contain to a greater or lesser extent the residue of detergents, which in exactly the same way can spoil the delicate skin of the baby. Worst of all, the baby’s butt is covered with diapers all the time, and most of them are heavily scented, bleached and treated with chemicals. Wet salf towels also contain a huge number of boiling compounds that are harmful to the skin. For example, fragrances and preservatives, which many adults have long avoided in their own cosmetics, are a particular challenge for baby skin, especially if this delicate skin has to come into contact with them for 24 hours in the form of diapers, wet salf towels and diaper creams. Believe me, they are practically 90% in baby products!


Who else thinks that perfumed diapers, salf towels and diaper creams are probably not a problem for your baby, try it yourself! Please buy some adult diaper pants (you can get them from Invaru or TenaLady’s page), smell them with your favorite perfume, for example, so that they smell as strong as pampers, for example, and then wear them for 24 hours. During this time, do not visit the toilet, but still use diapers purposefully, just as your babies do. When changing diapers, use the same salf towels that you use on your baby instead of water to clean your butt. If your butt goes red, apply a diaper cream that you apply to your baby. See what your back half looks like after 24 hours! And now think that your poor baby will have to put up with this for a year, maybe longer. Terrible, isn’t it? Here is an honor and recognition for mothers who start pottying a baby early and/or using cloth diapers. For whom the last two options seem too extreme, then there are other more baby-friendly variants than perfumed diapers, wet salf towels and diaper creams full of chemistry. On sale, non-scented, biodegradable and well-breathing eco diapers are available at a perfectly normal price. There is a very simple alternative to wet salf towels: buy a small spray bottle or use an existing one, fill it with clean water every day and carry it with regular salf towels or a roll of toilet paper. If necessary, you can pre-spray a salf towel moistened with completely clean water. Cheaper, more skin-friendly, more environmentally friendly and your baby’s butt will thank you! Dear mothers, take this 5-10 minutes for your baby to make a big change with a little effort. Anyone willing to make an even greater sacrifice could do some research on diapers and swap perfumed and chemical-treated diapers for a more skin and environmental friendly one. From my own experience, I can say that the Moomins and Natyd are already a pretty good choice, but there are definitely more. Of course, the best option is early pottying and/or cloth diapers.


The baby’s skin is delicate and thin, its blood supply is very good, which means that everything that is applied to it quickly seeps into the body. Read the composition of your baby creams and then think that all this will be absorbed into the body of your little baby. Does the benefit of this cream really outweigh the harm from the chemistry that your baby’s body now has to process? Probably not, all the more so since there is often no efficiency at all, although this may be allowed on the label. Since I have 2 small children of my own, the youngest of whom has an atopic dermatitis-like reaction (probably from chlorine water) after going swimming, I wanted to find a solution to the problem that actually occurs in many young children. I read a lot about the effects of different vegetable oils and tested them on my child. In the end, HOIA Baby Cream was born, which is indeed 100% natural, Baby Cream does not even contain water, only vegetable fats, oils and vegetable Vitamin E. It’s so natural that you could eat it. In its composition there are:

– richly unrefined organic shea butter, which relieves dermatitis, psoriasis, dry skin and flaking.

– rich in unrefined extra virgin coconut fat, which is antibacterial, relieves dryness and flaking of the skin and moisturizes it. Coconut fat also gives baby foam a pleasant natural coconut scent.

– unrefined cocoa butter that smells natural of a little chocolate. It softens and cares for the skin and creates a protective barrier between sensitive skin and the external environment.

– apricot seed oil, which soothes and moisturizes the skin, contains vitamin A and is especially suitable for taking care of the delicate skin of children.

– Rosehip seed oil, which is especially valuable precisely for its high content of linoleic and linolenic acid. It had strong anti-inflammatory properties, relieves skin irritations, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis symptoms and improves the sickening appearance of the skin.

– Cold pressed and unrefined hemp seed oil, which is also very rich in omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids (essential fatty acids).

– Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that, among other things, protects the skin from free radicals and also helps baby foam to survive better.

Baby foam is preserved for 4 months, has a particularly soft composition and is quickly absorbed. For skin problems, it should be applied 2-3 times a day. Many parents are very satisfied with HOIA baby foam, as it has helped them effectively fight diaper rash, dermatitis, dry skin and many other skin problems. You can buy baby foam here. Let it also be said that if you want a larger amount of Baby Cream, then the HOIA Natural Whipped Body Butter with Coconut is exactly the same composition, which you can find HERE.