Tanning oil

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    Lightly bronzing Body oil CELEBRATION is fast absorbing complex of carefully chosen plant based oils, which leave your skin soft, silky smooth and shimmering. Body oil nourishes your skin with beta carotene and vitamins, protects it from untimely ageing and harmful effects of the sun. Body oil has a natural SPF (estimated SPF 20), it is enriched with argan oil and E-vitamin, which help to improve elasticity, texture and appearance of stretchmarks.

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  • Natural Tanning oil

    Lightly bronzing natural tanning oil is quickly absorbing complex of valuable coldpressed oils. Tanning oil includes powerful herbal oxidants, which prepare your skin for tanning. Tanning oil moisturizes skin effectively, leaves it soft and silky smooth, protects it from untimely aging and protect it from environmental stress. Essential oils give the tanning oil a minty-sweet aroma, a slightly cooling effect on skin, and geranium essential oil helps to keep your skin healthy, glowing and vibrant.