face tonic

  • 16,90 

    50 ml

    This face toner is a blend of organic cucumber and hibiscus hydrosols. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and other botanical phytosterols that are beneficial to your skin. Face toner is enriched with hyaluronic acid, aloe and wild algae from Saaremaa, which effectively hydrate all outer skin levels and soothe stressed and dry skin.

    This toner has anti-aging properties and helps to smooth out fine lines. It also improves skin elasticity, boost collagen production in skin and brighten up complexion.

  • 10,90 

    50 ml

    Vanilla Mist is an aromatic beauty elixir that has  softening, moisturizing and toning effect on the skin. Spray is suitable for use on the face, body and hair. The spray has antibacterial properties, it tightening pores, balances the pH of the skin and helps to relieve the symptoms of acne.

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