HOIA Ultimate Experience

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Experience the HOIA Ultimate Experience Gift Box, your route to luxury with 13 outstanding HOIA products.

This gift box is packed with our most popular items, each chosen to pamper you from head to toe.

Just open your HOIA Beauty Chest and start enjoying!

Scroll down to see more about the amazing products included in your gift box. Discover simple indulgence at its finest!


Indulge in the ultimate pampering with the “HOIA Ultimate Experience” gift box, featuring a luxurious selection of 13 exquisite products. This beautifully curated collection covers everything from facial and body care to hair treatments, ensuring a comprehensive beauty routine for any enthusiast.

Included in the gift box:

⭐️ Hyaluronic Acid Elixir Cleopatra (15 ml): Essential for every beauty regimen, this elixir deeply moisturizes, tightens skin, boosts collagen production, and enhances radiance.

⭐️ Vitamin Serum with Bakuchiol (15 ml): Enhances skin tone and elasticity, reduces hyperpigmentation, and enriches your skin with vitamins A, C, and E.

⭐️ Organic Facial Scrub (50 ml): Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, rejuvenates skin, and brightens your complexion with regular use.

⭐️ Organic Rose Water (50 ml): Hydrates, tones, and softens the skin while strengthening it and promoting an even complexion and cell renewal.

⭐️ Light-Reflecting BB Cream (25 ml): A light-textured cream that evens skin tone and uses light-reflecting particles to mask imperfections.

⭐️ Bioactive Peat Mask (2 x 30 ml): A deep-cleansing mud mask that restores the skin’s pH balance and natural radiance.

⭐️ Nourishing Lip Balm (5.5 ml): Offers a gentle pink shimmer while hydrating and protecting the lips.

⭐️ Rejuvenating Hand Serum (50 ml): Instantly softens and smoothens hands, absorbing quickly to promote healthy nails.

⭐️ Saltshaker Body Scrub with Himalayan Salt (200 ml): Transforms your bathing experience into a spa-like retreat, stimulating circulation and hydrating the skin.

⭐️ Golden Goddess Foaming Body Cream (75 ml): Infused with golden shimmer, this rich cream deeply nourishes and moisturizes, turning you into a shimmering beauty.

⭐️ Organic Shampoo with Lemongrass (50 ml): Refreshes with its zesty scent while strengthening hair and providing antibacterial benefits.

⭐️ Natural Hair Balm Rapunzel (50 ml): Leaves hair silky, shiny, and healthy, improving texture and stimulating growth.

⭐️ Organic Shower Gel (50 ml): Gently cleanses while caring for the skin, leaving it refreshingly scented and well-moisturized.

This gift box comes in a sturdy cardboard chest that can be repurposed creatively. Whether you’re treating yourself or giving a gift, this set is an ideal choice.

Please note: This set is offered at a 30% discount, and thus, other discount codes cannot be applied at purchase.


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