HOIA men’s bathrobe


Hoia bathrobe/ kimono is for men who value comfort, body-friendly material and timeless, multifunctional clothing. HOIA coat/kimonos are 100% linen material and sewn ready on our paradise island in Saaremaa. The male kimono is in gray color. The kimono has loops on the sides from which the belt passes through – so it will not be lost. The male kimono corresponds to the size L-XL.


KEEP MEN’S luxury linen bathrobe/kimono now available.

The men’s bathrobe is designed for men who love comfort, body-friendly material and timeless clothes. Hoia bathrobe is 100% linen material and sewn ready on our paradise island in Saaremaa. The bathrobe is light grey in colour and has a grey HOIA logo on its back and eyelets on the sides so that the belt does not disappear. Of course, the HOIA bathrobe also has large pockets that can fit a phone, snacks and everything else you need to feel comfortable at home. 🙂 The bathrobe comes in a universal size and is suitable for the size of the M-L.

Bathrobe/ kimono is a universal outfit. Nowadays, in winter, it is nice to use it as a bathrobe at home and enjoy it in the room. In summer, however, it is also ideal for going to the beach, for a beach evening or just at home. Products made of linen fabric have wonderful properties – in summer they cool down, and in winter they help to maintain the right body temperature, so use the coat all year round and always feel good about yourself.

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