Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub Beach Bum


200 ml

Anti Cellulite Body Scrub Beach Bum is designed to eliminate cellulite, but is also suitable for daily refreshment on the skin. The exfoliator is rich in caffeine and powerful essential oils, which, together with the micro-massage produced by peeling, help to expel water and residues, tone the skin, improve blood circulation, fight cellulite and make the skin firmer. Read more below

Read more below


This Body Scrub is designed to eliminate cellulite. It is rich in caffeine and powerful essential oils. With scrubbing massage it helps to boost micro circulation, combat fluid retention, detoxify, tone and tighten your skin. This product has a high content of unrefined organic shea butter and coconut oil, which nourish and moisturize your skin. Body Scrub improves elasticity, keep it healthy-looking and silky smooth.

How to use: Massage the scrub on problematic areas for 5 minutes, let it sit for few minutes and rinse with water, For maximum results use daily. No need to use a moisturizer after your scrubbing session.

Our Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub Beach Bum got a beauty favourite prize 2022 for best skincare product.

200 ml


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*Sucrose, *Butyrospermum Parkii butter, *Cocos Nucifera oil, Coee Arabica Bean powder, Sodium Chloride (Himalayan salt), Citrus Paradisi Peel oil, *Rosimarinus Ocinalis Leaf oil, *Cymbopogon Flexuosus Leaf oil, *Juniperus Virginiana oil, Piper Nigrum Fruit oil, Tocopherol, **Linalool, **Geraniol. *From organic farming. **Natural components of essential oils.