• 13,90 

    Bali Spa body scrub is inspired by the sensual scents of Bali, which are known to enrich your love life, calm your mind and body. This body scrub is designed to create an ultimate spa-experience at your own home –therapeutic essential oils filling your bathroom with sensual aroma; invigorating massage while scrubbing and that silky-soft skin after you are finished… It makes you feel that you just stepped out of your favorite spa!

    200 ml

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  • 15,90 

    Überblingen is a super shimmering body scrub with a tropical mandarin and flower (ylang-ylang) aroma. Shimmer Scrub is rich in organic unrefined shea butter and coconut oil, which effectively moisturize, hydrate and soften your skin; it contains sugar and Himalayan salt, which help to scrub away all impurities and dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. There is no need to use a moisturizer after using this scrub.

    200 ml