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Facial Serum REPAIR Feedback

We have been distributing the problematic facial skin serum with different prescription variations to the customers of the epic for several months and we conducted a small survey to find out how it affected their facial skin. 25 people answered the survey and all the answers are unchanged here in front of you!

PS! REPAIR Facial Serum is the latest release of the facial serum for problematic faces, which we were most satisfied with and which is still available at a discounted price in the last few days!


“Greatly, acne disappeared, facial skin was moisturized and smoother, pores were no longer clogged and skin was dry.”

“The effect is good, the skin is toned, but not over-nourished.”

“The condition of the facial skin has improved.”

“Very good, makes the skin so comfortable and soft, helps well with skin problems.”


“For the first time, I felt how it made my facial skin so nice, and after that weekend I saw the result and it was immediately half better and clearer. My facial skin hasn’t been so clean before, and of course the Nazis have lost their scars. I recommend this product to those who have a problem with their facial skin 🙂 ”

“I have very dry skin that exfoliates. I’ve been using it for a little over a week and I’m positively surprised. The facial skin has improved much in this short time, it is no longer so dry. At first I was afraid that the serum would leave the skin oily, but the skin would be very pleasantly smooth. ”

“Acne was withdrawn after the first week of use. It works very well if the skin is cleansed with tea tree tea 😊.”

“I like that the serum makes the facial skin very, very soft 🙂 The next day the skin is smooth and definitely, the inflamed plugs are gone. Even small pimples. But this facial serum alone is not enough for my face because I also use other HOIA products, then this whole combo will probably help :). ”

“I will improve my answer. Facial Serum 3 works super well on dry skin. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. When it was smeared in the evening, it quickly receded, and in the morning the face was smoother. However, in a month I did not see the effect I would have liked – facial skin is still a problematic area of ​​the mouth and chin. It moisturized very well, took off the redness of my skin that tended to be pink, and provided a good foundation for applying mineral makeup. ”

“The serum worked well, the skin was moisturized and absorbed well.”

“Facial skin is clearer and cleaner than before.”

“I don’t like very oily products because I just don’t like the feeling they leave on my skin, so I’ve only used this product when my skin is very dry. However, I must say that the skin has been very pleasant in the morning after using the serum, so the unpleasant oily feeling is worth suffering. We can’t talk about a longer-term effect yet. “

“The serum is easily absorbed, it does not leave a fat/oily feeling. The skin of the face is moisturized and soft. The complexion also looks smoother. My problem was dermatitis around the mouth, which did not show any changes during the short test period, but now the situation is much better. Both redness and flaking of the skin have been reduced. ”

“I just used it instead of cream at night. I don’t really have a problem with skin, but I got a small bottle as a gift. I liked and fit the skin nicely. I would buy more in the future. ”

“The facial skin is softer, clearer and less inflamed in 2 weeks. Acne bumps heal faster than usual. I have used it together with the Babe acne series and Hold tea tree spray. ”

“The skin became puffy. The caps were red. Probably caused an allergic reaction to a substance 🙁 “

“Facial skin is clearer and brighter.”

“The skin of the face is much better, less redness, the skin of the face is not deep and is no longer dry.”

“Very well.”

“My problematic skin is much clearer, cleaner and smoother.”

“The facial skin is nice, it’s not dry. It looks firmer. However, it’s still problematic, but it probably needs to be used longer or it doesn’t fit as well.”

“Skin is moisturized and clearer”

“Skin is moisturized and clearer”

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